boss has sex with female secretary in officeI run a large business and have several locations. I have been married for 13 years and have a great life.
I get tempted alot for sex from young women who work for me. I beleive this is mostly because they like my success a lot more than they actually are attracted to me sexually.
I have been great at turning this down. It’s really out of fear more than a high morale grounding, but does it really matter?
Late last year I just really connected with one employee. She was very forward and very private about what she wanted.
The first time we fucked was in an alley outside a restaurant. It was fast and completely intoxicating. Next time was actually in the office of the business with people outside.
I hate myself so much for putting everything in jeopardy and for cheating on a great wife. But the sensation of fucking this young hot woman is so overwhelming that I can’t stop.
She actually came to my house 2 weeks ago and we fucked in a bathroom while my wife slept in the other room. I am completely out of control and all I can think about is fullfilling the next sexual fantasy, which she is more than happy to oblidge.

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  • shane 8 years ago

    wow – HOT!

  • Big Daddy 7 years ago

    Been there, done that. Wore the t-shirt and bought the original cast album. I’m involved in much the same way with a younger woman (I’m married), but thank god she’s not an employee.

    I got involved with a woman at work once. (Neither of us was married at the time.) Eventually we broke up and I had to see that woman every day afterwards. It was very uncomfortable.

    Your life could end up VERY complicated, and I don’t honestly see how it can end any way but in tears.