lesbian sex with girlfriend outdoorsi am a 23 year old female and i often get so horny on my own. Many people who know me know that i enjoy sex but recently i have had a lack of it so have had to satisfy myself in other ways. I often find myself trawling through sex websites to entertain myself. i enjoy watching a range of videos like looking at ones where there are lesbians in, i love watching women playing with themselves and copying what they do. i often found my self playing with one of my several toys. One night i even found myself putting a hairbrush and a beer bottle up my wet twat just to stop the hornyness.

One night me and a friend had been on a night out, i was drivin as i was skint, after our night out we were headin home through the coutryside when the car broke down. It was pouring down with rain but we decided to wait outside for the aa as we wernt sure what was wrong with the car. As the rain poured i could see my friends nipples were becomin erect and her top was stickin to her breasts makin them irresistable. She looked so hot. After about ten minutes of waitin we decided to risk it in the car as it was gettin cold. We made our way over the car but Kirsty my friend slipped on some mud, grabbed me and pulled me down on top of her! I could feel her damp body up against me. The next thing i new she was leaning in towards me and was running her hand up and down my legs slowly towards me pert arse. The kiss we shared was amazing. I remember how wet i was as she was so passionate. i remember thinkin if she can do this with her tongue in my mouth id love to feel it lickin up the cum in my twat!

Suddenly we could see bright light coming towards us and we both jumped up. The AA man had arrived. Wwe never talk about that moment but i often wonder what would have happened if we had been left another few minutes!

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  • Tammy 2 months ago

    That’s hot! Tell me more, did you wind up getting together later? I could see your girlfriends hard nipples popping out of her wet top. It would have drove me nuts too.