I Love to Tease and Seduce My Moms boyfriendMy mom has been dating Gary for more than a year now. He stays overnight most weekends and somtimes during the week. I know they have sex because I can hear them sometimes. My mom gave him a key to our house a few months ago and sometimes he is there waiting for my mom when I get home from school. One day he came over to fix something and saw me masturbating in my bedroom. I didn’t hear him come in and after I had an orgasm I realised he was standing at the door watching me. He just walked away never saying anything and never told my mom. It was humiliating but it began to arouse me everytime I thought about it. At first I just started letting him see me in my bra and panties. Then I began letting him see me naked a lot of times and now if I know he is at the house or is coming over I plan it. I’ll leave my bedroom door or the bathroom door open enough for him to see me naked but I do always make beleive I don’t see him watching me. I’ll play music loud and just pretend I don’t know he is looking at me. I get aroused by it and everytime he does see me naked I always masturbate afterwards. Since my mom gave him the key he has seen me naked at least 15 or 20 times and I know he has watched me masturbate 4 times so far. I think he knows what i’m doing and last week he was at the bathroom door for my entire shower and he even kept peeking in when I dried off with a towel. I never say much to him and always pretend I don’t know he sees me. If my mom ever found out she would kill me.

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  • kristy 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t be upset..id luv her to do y bf when home from college..oooh hot!