brother and my girl cousin like each otheri know how people act when they like each other. every time that my brother and my cousin are close they act in an abnormal way. in school they’re alwalys together and he’s even walked her home a couple of times. every time they come over to visit, the first person that my cousin asks for is my brother. if she sees me first she looks and talks to me in a disgusted way even if i’m polite to her. all that they ever talk about is what they did together in school. i think that this has gone too far. they moght be able to fool everyone else in the family but not me.

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  • Janice 3 years ago

    Why don’t you confront them ask them directly if they are fucking each other, then you will know, what you must realise is incest is more common than you think, my cousin taught me how to fuck from an early age, I encouraged him we are adults now and it is still going on