i want to have sex with my auntmy mom talked a lot about my aunt before i met her. she said that she was pretty and a lot younger than her, she was 28. when i finally did i saw that she was not lying. at first i didn’t feel anything but a year or so after, i saw her in party wearing a dress that was 3 inches above her knees. the part that covered her breasts was tight and the rest was loose. i took her out to dance and held her close to me. when i placed my hand on her waist i noticed that her dress was thinner than what i thought. i slowly and carefully lowered my hand down her waist until i reached her hip. i felt that she was wearing a thong and kept my hand there. for her it was just a normal dance but for me it was totally different. now that she lives close by all that i think about is going over to her apartment and having sex with her. i probably will do it knowing that it is not a good thing to do.


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  • ...UMM 9 years ago

    don’t do that ! that’s crazy i don’t know what age are u but -_- u know that illegal. and if you have sex with your cousin and family they might have aids

    and you know that’s ashame… how come you hav sex with your aunt!!!! better make girlfriend

  • Jason 8 years ago

    My case is same as yours. But the thing is it stared early for me. When i was 14. My aunt was nurse. I had a problem with the skin over my penis. When i told the problem. She applied a local anaesthetic and some oil over my penis and moved the skin over it. That was my first mastrubation. From then on, she used to mastrubate me. Though my problem was solved. We were travelling in a very croweded train once. I was behind her with my penis sticking into her arse. It turned me so much that i started pressing it into her and she didnt object, and i came in pants against her arse. Later she asked about that and told not to do that again. But in return, i can do that at home. That was my first sex with aunt at the age of 15 and she still have sex with me atleast once a week. That is how i had my first mastrubation and my first sex. Lost my virginity to my aunt who was 30 then. Now she is 39 and I am 24. We both still have sex and fuck each other.

  • ............ 8 years ago

    i have a really hot aunt who is to sexy for me to ignore so the way i see it i have 2 choices 1.have sex with her 2.try to ignore it harder ive tryed to tell her i want to have sex but i was to nervous i need to know how plz help me i think im addicted to her (if it helps i have seen her naked before and thts when i started to want to have sex with her over 2 years ago and shes my adopted aunt)

  • 1st response is ignorantly retarded. talk to her about it and go from there. props to jason for being forthright.

  • Just tell ur aunt how u feel having sex with ur aunt is normal as lng as shes on the pill,u can have any kind of sex as lng as doesnt get pregn its nrmal, at 15 i told my aunt to plz show me how sex is done she showed me just like dat.

  • BIG DAWG 6 years ago

    IS THIS A GOOD STRATEGY??what if her birthday is coming up and you get her a gift hide it in an empty bed room then tell her to come in then show her then when she gives you a hug should you kiss.. and how should you kiss like regular or like a girlfriend or just a peck.. and im 17 and shes 50 soo doo you think it could happen?? and she does not have an husband and shes not blood related.. and my fault my other page is messed up soo can you please send me some help with this..

  • @big dawg-thats disgusting, shes 50
    who wants to fuck a 50 year old!!
    find a girl that is actually young

    • Teddy 6 years ago

      Heck man, if she wants to be layed go for it. There is only two kinds of ass, good an better.

  • tsukuchi 6 years ago

    i have a relation with my aunt..more than what relationship we had…what should i do?…should i stop it or not?…help me please..thanks