jerking off anonymously on webcamWhen I was younger I networked my mothers computer and mine. I didn’t tell her I did this. I looked in hers and found some places where she talks to gives advice to young people. She was even giving young men advice on how to make masturbation feel better.
I had always wanted to masurbate in front of my mother. So I set up a bogus account where she does this. Then I set up a bogus email account.
I went to the site and sent her my email. I told her that I really needed advice. That very night she sent me an email back saying she would talk to me and assist me with my problem if she could. I hadn’t told her what this problem was yet.
She told me when and where to log on and she would try to help me.
That evening I logged onto this site. It was animated. I saw her as an animation and she saw me the same way. We did talk using a microphone though. There was a spot in the lower corner where a video camera could be used to see the real person. I immediately asked her if we could use that too.
She told me no at first. She wanted to hear the problem first and then if she thought it was okay I could see her real face.
I told her first that I needed advice on a specific masturbation problem. I actually thought she would disconnect, but she didn’t
I told her that I had this real bad urge to masturbate in front of my mom. That it was getting out of hand. I said that I had started masturbating while we had breakfast in the mornings. In the living room at night when we watched tv.
She asked me to describe my mother. So, I gave her a description resembling her.
I told her that I seemed to need to do it all the time. That I went out in my car and looked at older women that resembled my mom As I looked at them and did it. And was afraid that I would get caught. I also told her that the last time I did it in the living room I squirt my stuff on an end table and just left it there. The next morning she was dusting. When she saw it she got kleenex and wiped it up.
I told her that I had to go to my room and quickly do it. That was how excited I got. The whole time while I was doing it I had to fight the urge to walk right out in front of her and finish.
For almost two weeks I told her I was fighting this urge and it was getting harder to do. I said that I was talking to her that night because if I didn’t I would walk right out there and do it right in front of my mom.
Then I asked her if she would do me the biggest favor. That I wouldn’t do it if she said no. But, that it would keep me from doing it in front of my mom toinght.
She said if she could help, she would. So, I asked her real nice like if it would be okay if I did it while we talked to prevent what I would do otherwise.
She asked then if it would be possible to log off and just do it and not walk out there.
I told her I couldn’t. That I had logged on tonght and was just going to do it while we talked. I wasn’t going to tell her or anything. Then I told her I didn’t want to be dishonest with her. That’s why I asked her permission.
I knew I was putting a guilt trip on her but I wanted to get off talking to my mother whild she thought she was just helping some kid.
I said real nicely in kind of a whisper. Please.
She didn’t answer for at least a minute. Then she finally said that she had given it some thought and if she could keep me from doing something so nasty that I could.
I thanked her two or three times. And then I asked her if it was okay to start.
Go ahead. was all she said.
I acted like I was taking it out then told her that I was doing it.
She told me then that she had a son too. That she had finds his sperm in her panties every time she does laundry. She had even found it in the bathroom when she went in there just after he left.
I was so excited by this time, knowing that I was sitting at my computer masturbating and talking to my own mom.
I asked her then if I could talk about what I was doing. Maybe tell her how close I was and when I was going to finish.
When she said it would be okay I told her that the tip was all wet with slippery juice and that it felt good to smear it up and down my erection with my fingers. I think she liked that I was telling her about it. So I asked her if it she would give me permission to finish.
What she said really surprised me. She asked me to slide my hand down to the base and just sqeeze it lightly until the need to finish lessened then tell her.
When I thought I had given it enough time I told her that the need to finish had mostly gone away. Then I asked her why she had me do that.
She told me that if I bring myself real close to ejaculation and then stop a few times I would release more and it would lessen the need to release in front of my mother. At least for tonight.
I shyly told her then that there was so much of that juice now that it made a squishing sound when I rubbed it. And she actually told me that was good. It meant there would be more sperm and I wouldn’t need to do it again so soon.
Then I asked her if I could start rubbing it again. She said okay but to tell her when I got close to ejaculating again, then tell her.
That’s when it dawned on me that my mom was helping me masturbate. I felt like I was masturbating just for her. Well, this got me back to the point of finishing again real fast. So I told her how close I was.
Okay, she said. Now stop, slide your hand down to the base and squeeze it like you did before and let the need pass. I pretended to do it and just whispered, Okay it’s mostly gone. But, I said, It aches real bad though.
She surprised me then by asking if there was more juice oozing from the tip. I told her that there was. It was constant. That’s when she told me that this time you can release the sperm when the time comes. So I masturbated for real. All I could think about was that I was going to cum and my own mother would know exactly when it was happening.
When I felt myself getting real close I asked her permission to finish. She told me, Of course dear, go ahead.
As I was cumming I told her how good it felt. That there was so much. It was getting all over the front of me. She told me it was okay and to get it all out.
When I told her I was finished and that there had never been so much stuff before, she asked if the urge to do it in front of my mother had lessened. I told her it had and that I would be able to sleep tonight without it on my mind.
I thanked her maybe two or three times, over and over. Then in the next breath I asked her real nice if she would help me again if I needed it. She seemed real concerned for me and told me that if it would help keep me from doing a nasty thing right in front of my mother that she would. Just look for her on the site.
We disconected then. I got undressed and got into bed. About five minutes later mom came to my door and whispered, are you sleeping? I told her no that I had just gotten into bed. She came over to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodnight. I whispered, Thank You Mom. She told me I was welcome and went back to her room.
It took me a while to go to sleep. All I could think about was thanking her. It was for getting me off on line, not for kissing me goodnight.
Two more times that week I went in there as this other kid and got off talking to my mom.
That next saturday night when I went there. I asked if she would do me the biggest favor.
I asked if we could please turn on our video cameras. Could I see her while I did it. And could I turn mine on my lap. Would she please watch me masturbate. Again it took her some time to respond but she said okay. When I had my camera pointed at my lap I turned it on. I was already stiff and dripping. Then my own mothers face popped up on my computer. Down in the corner I could see my lap but I asked her if she could see my erection. I zoomed in a little so she could see that I was dripping juices.
I knew that moms screen was pretty big. So I zoomed it until I thought what she was looking at filled most of the screen.
Then as I looked right into my moms face I started to masturbate. This was getting so exciting for me. I got kind of dizzy and shaky. As I looked at her and she watched my rub, I asked her how many times I should stop before I release this time.
We’ll see she told me. Two or three times anyway. As I rubbed for her and she watched my juices ooze out she commented that there was a lot and that was good. There would be more when I released.
This time for real I brought myself right almost to the point of finishing and stopped. When she saw that I had stopped she asked me if I was real close. This time I was breathless. I had to whisper that I was close. So, she said to slide my hand to the base and squeeze it a little until the urge passed. I did exactly as mom instructed.
When I felt it go away some I excitedly asked if I could start again. She said it was okay but to be careful I needed to stop a couple of more times before I ejaculated. I had to stop whithin a couple of minutes the second time. Then I slid my hand down to the base, Squeezed and held it without her telling me what to do. When I was sitting there squeezing myself I asked her if that was good.
She said then, That’s perfect, just hold a little while longer this time so the ejaculation will release more sperm. so I sat there as long as I could stand it. Then I asked her if I could start again. I even said please. She told me alright but to stroke slowly for a few minutes so I won’t get so close so fast. I did just as mom told me to. I wanted her to see me spill a lot of sperm. I couldn’t wait for her to see me squirt my sperm all over my stomach.
This was as close to masturbating right in front of mom as I would get without actually doing it. I just watched her face as she watched me stroke the length of my shaft. It was so slippery now that even when I looked down at the little screen of me I could see how shiny the shaft was. The head of it was all purple and just kept oozing juice.
Suddenly she said, You’re really close to ejaculation now aren’t you? I told her yes. Just the one word, yes. When I was so close I couldn’t stand it I asked her if I could finish.
She said, Go ahead, honey, I’m watching. And I started. As it squirt on my stomach I could see the tip of her tongue between her lips.
When I was done I told her Thank You so much for helping me. especially for letting me do it for her. I want you to know ma’m that I did that just for you nobody else. And then she thanked me. She told me it was wonderful that she could help me. And we signed off.
I am 20 now and I still do this with her even though I no longer live at home. There were times when we connected and she asked me if I would like her to watch me.
Since I moved out my mom and I talk over the computer too. I had to get a separate accound so she could video chat with me. The camera is on my face when I talk to her and I still masturbate while I look at her.

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