lust my half brotherMy brother and I have different dads but the same mom. We are both in college. When my lease ended at my apartment my roommate graduated leaving me there by myself. I couldn’t afford to pay double rent, so my brother said I could move in with him since he had a spare room in his apartment. I was only going to stay until his lease ended.

A couple months after I moved in he and I went out drinking with some friends. We danced together once. We weren’t completely drunk but just buzzed good. When we got back to the apartment we sat on the couch talking and laughing. We were talking about dating. Even tho I am his sister I dont think he is a bad looking guy but never really thought of him in terms of sex. But when I told him he was cute he said I was too. I didn’t know what to say and sort of laughed a little. He got close to me and started kissing my neck and the next thing I knew his hand was under my shirt. I took it off and just let him do whatever. I knew it was totally wrong but it also felt good in a weird way, too. We ended up taking our clothes off and having sex on the couch.

I know it is sick but it felt good and not just physically. We did it a few more times but not unless we went out to the bars first, like it was our excuse because we could say we were drunk. We never were tho. We finally started having sex just whenever. Now the thing is I think we are sort of like in this weird relationship. I really like him as a person. He is a totally good friend to me, too. We sleep together a lot now and dont always have sex. A lot of times we just sit and cuddle on the couch and talk.

We have never kissed. I want to but am too scared. I know that is stupid because we are having sex so how could it be worse. If he was not my brother I could totally see myself in a real relationship with him. We dont even try to date other people any more.

I am pretty sure we are in love. We will probably go to hell but oh well.

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  • I have an older sister, she’s 9 years older then me, and I think my biggest regret in life is not having sex with her, though we came pretty close to it when I was 15 and she was 25,

  • I have an older half sister, same mom different dad, she’s 9 years older then me, she would always tease me, undress in front of me, she always had a nice fit body. I think my biggest regret in life is not having sex with her, though we came pretty close to it when I was 15 and she was 25, she was kindda slutty, would always have a date or 2 on a single day, several boyfriends and one time I even saw some hickeys on her boobs, she was very sexual, and anyway one hot summer afternoon she was laying on the floor talking with some guy on the phone, I could see she was turned on her nipples showing trough her blouse I lay by her side and heard that she said on the phone that she would do it for a 100, I kindda knew what was she talking about, we started a little tickle game her shirt came down her boobs pop out and suddenly one of them is in my mouth and im kissing and sucking and biting softly and she is moaning and enjoying it, and it suddenly hits me it’s my sister so I freak out and take off running. So I kindda started a little research on why was she so sexual and it came down to her zodiac sign I found out, that scorpio girls are hornier and easier to have sex with.

  • tyron 7 years ago

    My sis is 4 yrs older than me.I was drunk and she came in my bedroom and began seducing me.she sucked my cock and began to rideit when i woke up i fucked her and its been good eversince

  • crap. 7 years ago

    That’s so fucking dumb. I’ve been with a girl from every zodiac, probably 2 or 3, and it just depends on the girl… you should of just done it, pussy.

  • You are such a sperm boy! U shuld hav fucked her like craizy.I once fucked my aunty and her elderst daughter its fucking sweet.

  • Mr Lonely 5 years ago

    If that had happened to me I would have sucked her pussy dry then fucked her brains out

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    If it felt good and you both enjoyed it there,s nothing wrong,I have sex with my sis she,s3 years younger then me we started in our early mid teens and went on from there I have sex with some of my female cousins and aunts and just started having sex with mom