army officer seduced by hot wifeThis is a true account. I am an officer in the army in a technical arm. The commanding officer asked me to go over to his house one day to check on the music system which was out of order and certain other technical aspects which i may not elaborate here. When I reached his house, the lady, the commanding officers wife opened the door for me. She was alone in the house. She was wearing a night gown. She greated me well and took me straight to the music system and asked me to operate it. She had shut the door and locked it in my presence which was a bit odd. In a matter of just about a minute of checking out, the moment I turned around, I found her standing right behind me totally nude and fingering herself. I tried to go towards the door and she stopped me midway. I told her that mam this is not right. I was a young captain, 23 yrs of age and she was 33. She just slapped me across the face and I was totally shocked. She told me to strip or else she would claim that I had tried to rape her. I just did not know what had hit me. I am as it is kinky in my sexual life in the sense that I am kind of an exhibitionist. I took off my clothes and in no time I was standing naked. She caught my dick which was erect like hell and literally pulled me into the bedroom and made me first lick her pussy and then she rode me like mad. Thereafter for the entire tenure of about two years she insisted that I will not wear an underwear under my dress to the parties. She would often go to the corner and indicated me to follow and while we would be inside the mess, she would molest me by holding my dick through the pants. Well this is a true account.

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  • if it smells like bullshit, looks like bullshit and reads like bullshit, it must be BULLSHIT.

  • This is a common thing in the military. Both men and women are raped often in service. I was raped in the showers by 2 black guys one Sunday afternoon. I knew it would happen eventually and just let them do what they wanted to do. It was hot and I came twice.

  • Garth 3 years ago

    I was an officers batman I think he was gay, I would be preparing his uniform as he came out of the shower he always had an erection I wondered if it was for me I had dabbled a bit with my mated mainly wanking and sucking close friends off, I admit I did like sucking dicks, one night out I got arrested by the MPs for being drunk and fighting, next morning my officer got me out of the guard house , that same evening I thanked him he said not so fast I favour deserves a favour what do you want sir he was stood with an hard on he look down at his dick I think you know he said strip and kneel down I obeyed I socked him off and I got fucked twice a week or when ever he felt a fuck or suck , I don’t know it this is classed as rape I suppose in a way it was. comments please

  • carlson 3 years ago

    I sounds like you are enjoying it, so its not rape

  • It is rape even if I enjoyed it I didn’t have a choice so its rape I had to do it I was blackmailed to do it