married slut picks up stranger at barI am a married woman 37 with 2 children. A few months ago my husband were at a party a co-worker of his. lot of drinking dancing talking. My husband was at the bar most of the night talking with other men. a few men had asked me to dance. About 10:30 I went upstairs to use the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom a man I had danced with there. he grabbed me and kissed me, I was a little tipsy so I kissed him back. He led me into a bedroom and sat down on the bed, he kissed me again and laid me down pushing up my skirt. he rubbed my panties and kissed me and then took my panties off. It was very quick, he came inside me. Since that night 6 other men have fucked me. I hope my husband and kid’s never fund out. I can not help it. I HAVE GONE TO A BAR A COUPLE OF TIMES AND LET MEN PICK ME UP and ended up in a motel room At that party I became a whore and a slut that night

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