squeezing mature aunt's tits from behindI have a lot of erotic feeling for my aunt. My aunt was a nurse. I had a problem with the skin over my penis when I was a teenager. When i told her about the problem. She applied a local anaesthetic and some oil over my penis and moved the skin over it. That was my first experience of masturbation. From then on, she used to mastrubate me even though my problem was solved. We were travelling in a very crowded train once. I was behind her with my penis sticking into her arse. It turned me so much that i started pressing it into her and she didnt object, and I came in my pants against her arse. Later she asked about that and told not to do that again. But in return, i can do that at home. That was my first sex with my aunt when I was still a teenager and she still have sex with me atleast once a week. Lately I am not using condom while having sex with her. She asks me not to use it, but to ejaculate inside her. Now she is 39 and I am 24. We both still have sex and fuck each other atleast once or twice a week.


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  • Sounds like a fantasy to me.

  • Teddy 6 years ago

    I talked my Catholic Priest (39) into fucking my young wife, and I like to watch them. He has he biggest dick I have ever personally seen, almost 10 inches and my wife has trouble taking it rough, but WANTS it. Have ANY of you out there ever done this before. Let me know. The Father likes and needs sex just like every man.