me and my wife did a sex show for a japanese couple we met when our flight was cancelled. The couple invited us to their room and offered us US 1000. I had to make my wife squirt while they watch. They asked me to use to my wife a vibrator they are selling. While I was fucking my wife withe vibrator. The man asked if he could be the one to use the vibrator on my wife- he paid an extra US 200.Private Sex Show For Japanese Couple

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  • Tammy 3 years ago

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  • anonymous 2 years ago

    The reverse happened to my wife and I. Two white couples wanted to “play” with my wife. It was NY eve, in a hotel. They had a room and had invited us and our friends to “party”. We were young, in our 20’s, and they in their 40’s…not very attractive, paunchy, etc. Most of our friends backed out at the door to the room, but my wife and I accepted, along with her married girlfriend, who was Korean (my wife is Japanese). They were both shitfaced. Things got pretty wild with my wife wanting to be eaten and these old folks half forcing her Korean friend to eat my wife. The older women took turns eating the Korean friend of my wife from behind (they were really into it, even having their noses smack up against her anus) and spanking her, all while she ate my wife. My wife is an out of control drunk, and she was grabbing cock and titties, so they asked me if it was ok to fuck her, which holes, etc, and I said ok as long as they used condoms and she didn’t object. They fucked both my wife and the Korean friend vaginally, anally, and orally. I took the Korean friend anally, too. To this day my wife doesn’t recall all of it, and insists on having me help he relive it by telling it all to her while she masturbates. She gets a little jealous each time I talk about anal sex with her friend. To this day, her friend doesn’t talk about it, and I’m pretty sure she wonders if I had her, as she was drunk, and I did it quickly while she was eating my wife. I still get a hard on every time I drive by the hotel where it happened. I’ve even gone up to the floor where it happened once, just for fun. A literal walk down memory lane.