spanking bare assI was raised by my mothers cousin and her husband. I’m 38 today and have forgotten or blocked out most of the humiliation and dagradation I went through over those years. They were both drunks and had two sons who were both a few years older than me. I don’t remember ever being sexually abused but I was spanked often and given little privacy the whole time I lived there. I was spanked naked many times in front of the boys and even forced to stand naked in the corner of the room or by the stairs for hours at a time. Even when I started to develop breasts the father and two sons would constantly walk in on me when I was naked. Thay never molested me but constantly humiliated me even sometimes in front of their friends. One night the father and mother were drunk and the mother went to bed. It was late at night and I was in bed when the father came in my room and dragged me downstairs by my hair. He was mad at me because I had called my grandmother to ask her to get me away from them. We were in the kitchen and he ripped my night shirt off and made me take off my panties right in front of the two boys. He forced me over the table and spanked me so hard I was screaming and crying. When he finally stopped he made me stand in the corner facing him and the boys and everytime I tried to cover myself he would smack my face. This went on for over an hour and for the next few weeks he beat me every time he got drunk, which was often. One afternoon he called me into the living room and made me undress in front of him. He was very drunk and kept slapping me when I hesitated. When I was naked he made me stand in front of him as he just hollard at me. I knew his son Tom was in back of me at the time but didn’t know Tom’s friend was there also. He grabbed my hair and forced me over the back of a chair and beat me with his belt. He then pushed me up against the stairway railing and put the belt around my neck and attached me to the post with it. I was forced to stand there naked for at least an hour or more. Tom and his brother and his friend all kept looking at me the whole time as I cried and sobbed the whole time. His wife never said a word and just looked at me a few times. The following week my Grandmother came and got me and I never saw them again. I found out later that Tom called her and told her his father was beating me often. My grandmother was ill but I lived with her until I was 19 and went to college. I never told her how bad it really was and never told her that I was naked most of the time when he spanked me. I never even told her how they would walk in on me when I showered or was undressed. Over the years the embarrassment of it all lessened and I think I just learned to live with it. I was never forced to do anything sexual and at least figured I was lucky in that respect. What made me think about it again happened two weeks ago. I ran into Tom who I hadn’t seen in 18 years. As we talked I knew I was blushing and the humiliation came back a little as we spoke. We didn’t discuss what I went through although I know he was probably thinking of it. Over those years he had seen me naked more times than I’m willing to admit. Tom was the nicest to me that whole time but he never hesitated to watch as I was spanked and I know he was happy to see me naked. When I was forced to stand naked in the corner or up againt the railing Tom and his brother would stay in the room with me and just stare at me. I am sure he felt sorry for me at times and am greatful that he finally called my grandmother. We talked for about 10 minutes and he did mention that his mother and father were dead. I couldn’t even give my condolences but just said Oh! and shook my head. When he left I just thought I never even want to see him again and probably won’t. We could never be friends. I have a great husband and 2 wonderful kids. I told my husband some of the things that were done to me but never told him how really bad it was. I know it would upset him and its bad enough for me to deal with it. I just try not to think about it and am becoming more sucessful all the time.

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