I’m not proud of what I did, but in my defense, if I had gone by the book, the kid I did it to would have been in jail and it might have ruined his life.

I was a cop in a mid-sized city (retired now) just finishing a 12-hour shift. I was sitting in my vehicle finishing up reports next to the main city park when a woman walked up and reported seeing two men having sex just off the walking trail, only a couple hundred feet from us.
Cop Forced Gay Street Sex
The park was known as a hookup spot for men looking for sex. The unwritten policy was to leave them alone as long as they were discreet and restricted their trysts to the dark. The sun was just setting and the fact that someone saw them from the walking trail meant they were not using discretion.

I was supposed to call it in but if I did it would mean writing another report and explaining why I didn’t make an arrest. My plan was to warn them, finish my reports, and get off on time for a change.

I found the two just where the lady said they were. An older guy in his 40’s was on his knees sucking a younger man’s cock. The younger guy was sitting on a tree stump with his pants around his ankles. I watched, fascinated by the scene, until I heard the young man moan in ecstasy and I could see the older guy swallowing every drop. I moved closer and announced myself. The older man, who was fully dressed, immediately took off running. The younger guy stood up and was struggling to put his pants on.

He was having difficulty stuffing his erect cock inside his jeans and by then I was close enough to grab him if he tried to run. I recognized him from the local lumber and hardware supply store. I’ll call him John. His father owned the store and John had worked there since he was old enough. He was about 18 and had been in a little trouble over the years, mostly fighting and just acting like a bully and an asshole. His family had a lot of money and he thought he was entitled.

I knew John’s father from taking reports at the store over the years. He would probably throw his son out of the house if he found out he was having sex with a guy, especially in public. No businessman wanted that kind of publicity in a conservative town like ours.

John was his typical arrogant self. He said the older guy offered him 20 bucks to let him suck John’s dick. He said, “if some faggot wants to pay me to suck my dick, why wouldn’t I? Apparently, he didn’t realize the seriousness of the sex charge, not to mention prostitution.

I asked John for his ID. I don’t think he realized that I knew who he was and suddenly decided he didn’t want to cooperate. He tried to kick me in the balls but I was able to block him somewhat, catching the brunt of it in the thigh. Then he was off running through the woods. I was pissed, not only that he kicked me but that he was making me run after him. John wasn’t very fast and I caught up to him quickly. I tackled him but he still fought to get away. He had never gotten around to buttoning his pants so as I grabbed ahold to them they slipped down around his knees. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his bare ass was showing.

I cuffed him and he continued to fight, cursing and calling me a fag and all sorts of names. I don’t know what came over me but I decided I was going to teach this belligerent little shit a lesson. I took off my gun belt and set it on the ground and pulled my pants down to my knees. That’s when I realized for the first time that my cock was hard. John didn’t know what I was doing until I grabbed his pants and pulled them completely off.

John was still face down with his hands cuffed behind him so I knelt between his legs, lifted his hips, and pushed his face into the dirt. I spit on my hand and lubed my cock a little. He was incredibly tight and it took several hard shoves to completely penetrate his ass. He grunted and moaned in protest but I continued to fuck him as hard as I could until I shot my load deep in his bowels.

I took the handcuffs off and left him there. I knew he would never say anything. I had never done anything like that before or since. As I said, I’m not proud of what I did but part of me believes he got what he deserved.

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  • Sheryl 3 years ago

    Hot story. Technically I guess you raped him but I think he really wanted it.